Bithashex Leading Crypto Focused Offering Liquidity Solution

Bithashex Leading Crypto Focused Offering Liquidity Solution

With the crypto space gaining momentum, the need for liquidity in crypto assets is becoming starker. Bithashex, a crypto exchange that is built on decentralized blockchain technology, is one platform that is looking to fill the need for liquidity solutions by offering a thorough set of services.

What is a Crypto Liquidity Solution?

The crypto industry is in a nascent stage and various aspects need to be improved, such as liquidity. There is a requirement for a reliable crypto liquidity solution. As the number of people who are interested in buying and selling increases faster and faster. Traders and investors need to get into and out of positions fast and the exchanges do not provide the speed and efficiency that they need. A solution is needed!

Bithashex's offering

Bithashex is an advanced crypto services provider which seeks to change the game when it comes to the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Bithashex is a leading crypto-focused company offering a liquidity solution. Bithasex has outlined the following ways in which they aim to ensure the liquidity of their tokens through 

  • Price appreciation
  • Buybacks
  • Incentives.

The BithashEx team, with visionary founder Jafar Safari at its helm, brings decades of financial expertise and experience to the table in serving end-users via their much sought-after revolutionary blockchain technology to transcend users into a world wherein money is no longer required for banking.

The problem Bithashex is solving

There are several notable challenges that make it difficult for one to enter the crypto market. Even though there are millions of people invested or interested in this industry, for the fear of putting their money into assets; fear of scams; fear of losing money through wallet vulnerability; attracting scammers; facing lengthy processes; facing system downtime, etc. Sometimes it just feels like too much trouble to sign up and register on an exchange site to buy tokens or coins that you might need without any hassle.

Why Bithashex is good for the cryptocurrency market

Bithashex ecosystem uses advanced algorithms to ensure that our users always get competitive rates on both sides of their trades since it directly lowers the time needed for the execution of transactions. The blockchain is designed to handle liquidity management, meaning that we can more easily put together deals simultaneously on multiple exchanges - which, of course, means more profits for you as an investor or trader. Moreover, some exchanges are not fully integrated with one another, leading to some confusion over how much your money will actually cost you in the end.

We've worked hard so far to fix these problems and will continue developing better solutions for you!

Bithashex's future plans

Bithashex has started to make its way towards becoming a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange. Since they are doing their best to become an exchange, it is important to consider their future plans to achieve the goal. It is not just Bithashex who is aiming to achieve the goal, but they are working in collaboration with the top industry experts to achieve the goal. 

The team has recently announced the launch of the Bithashex Exchange, to begin with, the support of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The goal is to expand the offering to include more cryptocurrencies in the future. The team will soon start the discussion with major regulators to receive the recognition that they need in order to be included in the major exchanges.

Bithashex's current status

Bithashex decentralized exchange aims to revolutionize global remittance problems with the Crypto Liquidity Solution. The company launched BHAX Token which is native to its Bithashex Ecosystem. BHAX was initially listed on Probit Global for IEO Sale and is available to trade.

BHAX token will soon be available on Pancake Swap for staking. Also, the company will soon announce its first round of token burning.


The crypto market is getting bigger day by day. There are traders who are fixing to trade crypto in the centralized exchanges, there are traders who are trading crypto in the decentralized exchanges. The crypto market is becoming more decentralized with time. With the decentralized exchanges, the crypto traders are in safe hands, they are in control of their own money.

The decentralized exchanges are more secure, they are transparent, they are in control of all the aspects in the decentralized exchanges. Bithashex is connecting cryptocurrency buyers and sellers in one place to make the market liquid.

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