Why did your Bithashex Verification Fail?
Wednesday, 10 Nov 2021 00:00 am

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Sometimes it is a big challenge for users to complete their KYC identity verification. Well, we know how frustrating it can be when you are facing issues and wasting a lot of your time completing a simple KYC verification. To ensure our users complete their KYC verification smoothly and hassle-free, here is a brief overview of the points you must check to avoid declined verification.

Blurry or photoshopped Image of the ID Document

Uploading Blurry or photoshopped images of government-issued ID documents is the most common mistake of all many users commit. Our system will identify it as a tampered identity document and onboarding will fail. Hence it is advisable for our users to upload clear and original images for a faster process.

False ID Document

Bithashex offers an option to its users to choose the ID document they want to provide for verification. In case the user does not present the same ID document of the list provided, the verification will be unsuccessful. For example, if you have opted for an Adhar card as an identity verification document, but you upload a Driver’s Licence instead, the verification will decline.

Expired ID Document

If you upload an expired ID document, our system will not accept it and unfortunately, your verification will be declined. The expired documents do not count as valid documents.

Cropped Images of the ID Document

It is advisable for users to not submit badly cropped images of ID documents. The documents which have some data cropped, are not acceptable and will decline your verification if you upload them.

Address on Proof of Address and ID Document do not match

To complete KYC verification, address verification is also an integral activity. Users should ensure that the address on the ID document and document of Proof of address should be the same. In case the address mentioned on both the documents doesn’t match will lead to declined identity verification.

Distorted Photos/ Edited selfies/ Unclear selfies Submitted for Face Verification

Pictures uploaded for face verification must be clear and original so that Bithashex AI-powered system checks can be performed easily. Edited or Distorted images are one of the mistakes that result in declined verifications. Our Face verification system does not accept any edited or filtered Selfies.

The picture on the ID Document and Selfie Don’t Match

As a KYC verification, face verification of the user is also important to keep your account safe from any hackers. As per our method, the selfie of the user must match with the photo on the ID document uploaded. In case there is any mismatch for whatever reason, verification will be declined.

At Last

We understand that users feel KYC verification is a very difficult process, but with the right information and proper guidance, it will not take more than 10 minutes. Uploading wrong information, improper images of ID and address proof documents, mismatched information. Blurry selfies for face recognition, and expired documents, are some of the very common mistakes our team at Bithashex has encountered over time. Sadly, these mistakes result in declined identity verification and cause issues for our users.

Hence we would like to appeal to all our users to follow the right way and guidance to complete their KYC (Identity Verification) to save time for both you and our AML department.

Moreover, if you try to upload the edited, unrelated, or third-party documents again and again in a different way after the application is declined, our system will identify the fishing activity and block your account. Also, our AI system can identify and capture the users if your name is on the Watchlist or criminal check in a different institution or government body for the reports from the last 7 years.

Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team if you have further Questions about KYC verification and share them right away!