Here Is How BHAX Token is Changing Digital Payment Landscape
Friday, 12 Nov 2021 00:00 am

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The digital payment landscape is changing making it more difficult to sell and buy products online. One of the biggest problems in the crypto world is centralized exchanges. 

Exchanges are the main point of failure when it comes to ensuring your coins and tokens are safe. BHAX wants to solve this problem by offering a decentralized exchange. 

What is BHAX?

Bhax is a decentralized cryptocurrency for trading, shopping and exchange. It's created to make cryptocurrency trading and digital payment accessible to everyone. BHAX is a native token to Bithashex Ecosystem and developed on a Binance Smart Chain Protocol. 

Bhax Token is a transparent digital asset that aims to establish a fair and stable marketplace of big data and develops an industry-leading artificial intelligence system. The token adheres to the philosophy of "the most valuable currency in the world".

How is BHAX token going to change the Payment landscape?

A new payment option is about to be unleashed on the Internet, and it’s going to change the way we think about paying for products online. BHAX Token, a new and unique method of payment, is a solution to a problem that has been plaguing the online world for payment fraud. 

As the Internet grows and more and more products are being bought and sold online, it raises the concern for online payment fraud. 

For merchants, the concern is not just about their safety (after all, if a hacker obtains your credit card information, he will go after you and not the merchant directly), but also the safety of their customers. Hackers or Scammers will often steal credit card information and then place orders with merchants, making the consumer responsible for the charges. In turn, the consumer will often file a dispute with their credit card company, and the merchant loses both time and money.

The Problems with Digital Payment

When it comes to digital payments, there are a lot of problems that we can all identify with. A lack of security on either end of the transaction, no identity protection, confusing fees, and time-consuming transactions are just some of the many issues that plague the digital payment system. 

The problems with digital payment are boundless. Credit cards can take up to several days to process, and every time there is a chargeback, a fee is taken out of the merchant’s earnings. Credit card companies charge a whopping 2–3% per transaction and the issuing banks charge $0.05-$0.10 for each transaction. Additionally, in the past few years, data breaches have resulted in the loss of millions of credit card numbers — leading to the rise of credit card fraud. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can solve these problems and more.


Digital payment has evolved over the years, but almost every platform of digital payment has some kind of problem. If you’ve ever tried to complete a digital payment on a website, you’ve probably noticed how insecure it all feels. The user is made to input all the sensitive information, and then the website sends it off to a centralized server. There, the information is stored and sometimes even sold to a third party. This creates a lot of problems, but the biggest problem is that a centralized database can be hacked. When people input their information into a centralized database, they are worried about their information being stolen or sold. This is why digital payments are so slow to catch on.

How does BHAX solve those problems?

One of the biggest payment problems is the high cost of fees. If you need to send money internationally you have two options: use a bank or use a cryptocurrency. Both options have their problems. Banks charge high fees and wait for 3-5 days for the transaction to complete, whereas cryptocurrencies charge fairly low fees but there is a risk of the transaction being unsuccessful.

BHAX Token is a cryptocurrency that is designed to solve the problems of traditional payment systems. With traditional payment systems, all of your information is stored in a database. This means that all of your information is vulnerable to hackers. BHAX is designed to solve this problem by creating a decentralized database that is designed to be easily accessible

It offers an easy to use crypto-wallet that can be used to send and receive tokens. A token is appealing to businesses because it allows them to accept payments without having to worry about the security of their customers' information. BHAX also offers a great deal of transparency for businesses -- this means that it is easy for businesses to see exactly where they are spending their money. 

The USP of BHAX Token over another cryptocurrency

Bhax Token has been working relentlessly to ensure that the cryptocurrency is one of a kind. As such, it has built a strong following in the cryptocurrency community. The token has come to be known for its stability and reliability. One of the goals of BHAX Token is to become the preferred method of payment in the P2P and remittance industry. It is so popular that several sites have already adopted it as a payment option. It has become the preferred alternative to fiat, with hundreds of merchants accepting it as a payment option. 

The most important thing about the bhax token is that it is stable, unlike other cryptocurrencies that are prone to volatility. This means that merchants and users can count on it for stability. It is also important to note that the bhax token has been working to ensure that it is not just a cryptocurrency for the remittance industry. It has strived to become a cryptocurrency that can be used for mainstream transactions as well.

Where can you purchase BHAX tokens?

BHAX Token is available to buy or sell on Bithashex Cryptocurrency Exchange. You can now also trade BHAX on popular token exchange platforms like Probit Global - one of the leading crypto exchange platforms in the world. 

The Bottom Line

BHAX is aimed at streamlining the process of transactions between customers and merchants. Imagine a world where merchants can accept cryptocurrency without having to worry about Bitcoin price fluctuations. Imagine a world where cryptocurrency payments are easier and cheaper for everyone. Imagine a world where cryptocurrency payments are accepted anywhere, even without a debit or credit card. 

Imagine a world where cryptocurrency payments are accepted everywhere, even at your local newsstand. Imagine a world where you can buy anything with cryptocurrency, even a cup of coffee. Imagine a world where cryptocurrency is as good as cash. Well, this world exists today. 


It’s the world of BHAX.