7 Common Trading Mistakes To Avoid In Crypto

7 Common Trading Mistakes To Avoid In Crypto

Even though cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of popularity and their adaption is increasing among individuals, the fact can not be denied that they are unpredictable. 

Cryptos are highly volatile in nature, therefore many individuals see them as a risky investment. 

But these risks can be dodged if people start correcting their mistakes while trading. 

Anyone can get into trading with just one or two clicks, and also can get out of it the same way. Its mechanics are way more simple than the decision-making process.  

In order to earn profit through trading, traders are required to learn constantly, practice trading, and be disciplined. Their research and analysis will restrain them from making any big mistakes in the market. 

Although some mistakes are unavoidable in the market, traders should always play on the safe side. Despite making the same mistake again and again, they should learn from it to make their trading more profitable in the future. 

In this article, we will help you understand what are the different kinds of trading mistakes made by the users, and how he/she could avoid them.

Top Seven Common Crypto Trading Mistakes To Avoid

1. Following Other Traders Without Any Research

2. Failing To Cut Losses

3. Avoid Emotional Trading

4. Being Too Stubborn

5. Overly Relying On Software System

6 Depending On Market Analysis

7. Overexposing Your Position

A few years back, if anybody would have suggested you start investing in cryptocurrencies, your answer would be a big “NO.” One of the many reasons behind that they were not easily accessible at that time. But today, they have become a phenomenon, and people are eager to invest in cryptos and become crypto traders. However, while trading individuals make a lot of mistakes. 

We will discuss 7 of the trading mistakes which could be avoided by crypto traders. Here is a list:

1. Following Other Traders Without Any Research

Despite following others blindly, the market traders should do their own research, as it will help them improve their skills. 

Some traders mark their position after getting tips from others. The trader should not solely depend on them, in fact, he/she support those tips with evidence and do proper market research before predicting the price movement. 

Also, before entering the market, the trader should gather all the relevant information about the market. Like, whether it is an OTC market or exchange? Is it volatile or stable? Because all these factors will help the traders make their future predictions more profitable.

2. Failing To Cut Losses

As a trader, your priority is to protect your capital invested in the market. When you start trading you neither want to win nor to lose, your idea is to stay in a secure position.

Therefore, it is preferable for you to start with small positioning.

3. Avoid Emotional Trading 

Trading can bring out the best as well as the worst in any person, therefore, after entering the market, the trader should always keep control over their emotions. If any trader is struggling with their emotions then it can lead them to make irrational emotion-based decisions.

4. Being Too Stubborn

In order to become a successful trader, one must be open to all opportunities, he/she should not limit themselves. Being a trader, you should keep in mind that market condition always keeps on moving either up or down, it is your job to analyze that movement and predict your future position. However, if you’ll remain stubborn in one position, you might suffer a loss.

5. Overly Relying On Software System

At times, the predictive qualities of Technical Analysis become less reliable. Traders should not blindly follow the software-based system tools, as they could lead them to suffer loss. This especially happens when the black swan event takes place, during that time, it is exceptionally hard for the trader to predict the price movement of an asset in the market.

6. Depending On Market Analysis

The technical analysis of the market is not always foolproof, it keeps on moving. The market moves on probabilities, it sometimes reaches up, sometimes comes down. Though traders did their research thoroughly, it never guarantees that the market will behave according to them.

7. Overexposing Your Position

Overexposing your position in a particular market could be risky. However, many traders do the same thing in the hopes of earning a huge profit from it. Despite trading too often in a particular market, the trader should diversify its portfolio, it will help make its portfolio more strong.

Crypto trading is just like any other trading. In order to gain profit from it, you must follow the principles and practices.


All these above-mentioned factors will restrain help the traders from making mistakes in the market. But this does not mean they should not learn from it. Every mistake the trader makes in the market teaches them, what they should and should not do in the future. Also, despite relying on another person's research and tip, the traders should start giving their own time to the market and study it.

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